Industrial Solar Power

We provide a total solar PV solution for a variety of applications.

Our solar power solutions not only provide clean energy without green-house gas emissions but also the benefits of long terms electricity savings, an energy efficient building design, and environmental stewardship. Our solar solutions will help your company build a greener future.

Merits of implementation

Solar power systems with their numerous benefits of contributing to the environment, improving the company image, economic benefits, etc. are not limited to buildings installations; they can also be installed in empty fields, etc. You can then choose how to use the system, such as using the generated electrical power within a facility or as an emergency power source, or selling all of the generated electrical power to enter the power generation business, etc.

1| Reduction of electrical power usage costs

Using the generated electrical power within the facility reduces electricity bill.

2|Ensuring an emergency electrical power sourceduring natural disasters.

If you install a system equipped with independent operation functions, even if there is a power outage during natural disasters, as long as the sun is shining you can use the generated electrical power as an emergency electrical power source for the facility.

3|Income from electricity sales.

By taking advantage of the system under which all renewable energy is purchased, you can sell all of the generated electrical power to the power company, which can be expected to provide a stable source of income over the long term.

4|Effective utilization of roofs or land.

Installing solar cell modules on the rooftops of factories, public facilities, schools, etc. can be expected to supply large amounts of electrical power. Mounting system can also be used to enable installation on adjacent grounds, which is ideal for making effective use of empty fields.

5|Contributing to the environment.

Carbon dioxide, main cause of global w arming, is not generated by solar power system. The use of solar power system enables to contribute to preserving the global environment.

6|Purchase price,purchasing period,etc.

The purchase price and purchasing period are defined for each power source taking into consideration fair profitson top of the normal required cost basis when the business isoperating efficiently. Specifically, they are determined by the Minister of Economy, Trade,and Industry with due respect paid to the opinions of the Calculation Committee for Procurement Price, etc., a neutral body.

These are the merits of installing a solar power system on such a wide roof.

Increased Income

Compared to a residential home, the area for installation is larger so the amount of generated electricity is greatly increased. Under the surplus electrical power purchasing system, selling the electrical power which was not used in the home to the power company can be expected to increase income.

Rapid recovery  of investment

Air conditioner consumes extra energy under following condition: Factory’s roof top structure,especially when folded-plate roof absorbs direct sunlight, surface of the rooftop gets higher than 60 degree Celsius. The PV modules on therooftop barriers direct sunlight, and efficiency of the air conditioner increases, which leads to reducing of electric utility.

Effect on thermal insulation

By taking advantage of subsidies from the national government or local governing bodies, the burden of installation costs is reduced. Furthermore, through system linkage in public areas, virtually all of the generated electricity can be sold,enabling rapid recovery of investment.

Good for the environment 

When KAUMO Solar system is installed, CO2 emissions are reduced by approximately 5247kg annually.This also leads to contributions to society by environmentally friendly eco condominiums. Such apartments and condominiums will be favorably received by local residents

Residential Solar power 

Solar as the main power source for the owner’s home

As the power source for public area

Increase the value of multiple tenet housing 

・Reduce electricity bill for owner
・Receive incentive by sale of surplus electricity

・Reduce electricity bill for public areas
・Receive incentive by sale of Sale of surplus surplus electricity

・Reduce electricity bill for tenets
・Receive incentive by sale of surplus electricity
・Increase occupancy rate by lower costs
・Expect to increase house  rent income by setting up added value house rent expected increase in building value